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How to get detailed notifications and updates on an active project
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Once a project is open to the public, that doesn't mean it's set in stone. Things change -- dates, requirements, plans, funding. Questions are answered.  Addenda are issued.

You'll need to stay up to date and keep an eye out for changes. 

To get notifications about a specific project, navigate to the project's main page, and click "Follow." The button text will change to "Following." This will make sure you get notified via email about updates to the project.

You are able to select your Follower Designation when you click on Follow:

To unfollow a project, hover over the button "Following." The text will change to "Unfollow." Click the button, and you will no longer be following the project.

"Followers" is synonymous with Plan Holder's - this list will be anyone who designated themselves as a Follower. If you are interested in the project, make sure you are listed as a Follower. If you download any files, OpenGov Procurement will prompt you:

If you cancel, then you can still download the bid documents, but you will NOT receive updates: "Yes, I want the files, but no, I don't want to follow". If you choose to follow, then you will receive updates on the project.

Anyone who starts working on their response, automatically gets added to the follower's list:

Only vendors in the FOLLOWER's LIST get addenda/Q&A/reminder emails automatically.

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