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If you need OpenGov Procurement technical support, please type your request in the support chat feature on the agency's OpenGov Procurement Bidding Portal, and someone will be with you shortly!

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: OpenGov Procurement does not offer a complete listing of our customers. If you've made it to this point, it will be due to your wanting to subscribe to one of our government agency customers and you are looking at their public bidding portal. The instructions below start from that point.

To register your business as a vendor to the agency, look for the green button that says "Subscribe".  See below. 

Step 1.   Make sure you click the "Sign up" Link if this is your first time creating an account with OpenGov Procurement.   See below.

Step 2.  Enter your email address and click on "Sign Up".

***If someone shares the same email domain with you and has already registered your organization with OpenGov Procurement, your request to join will be sent to your organization's Admin(s). The Admin of the existing account will be notified by email of your pending request. The Admin will then need to log into their OpenGov Procurement account in order to approve your request. Once you are approved, you can continue to complete your registration as outlined in the steps below.

Step 3. Check Your Inbox, and click the "Activate Account" button in the welcome email.

Step 4.  Fill in Your Name and Your Company Name

Step 4.  Type in a password!

Last Step!  Press the "Activate" button, and you're in!

Once you've activated your account, you'll be taken back to the agency's OpenGov Procurement bid portal!  Here are a few things you'll probably want to do:

  1. Make sure you've hit the Subscribe button from the agency's public bid portal.  This will ensure you receive notifications about new bid opportunities from the agency!

  2. Update Your Contact Information and Company Profile.  Doing it now is a great idea. If you ultimately submit a bid proposal, we will force you to enter this before can submit ;).

  3. Make sure you fill in the purchasing categories you want to be notified about.  This is found under your company profile.  NOTE:  If you subscribe to the agency as a vendor and you DO NOT designate a purchasing category, you will be notified about EVERY open bid opportunity.  

  4. Click "Follow" on any open projects that are of interest to you. 

  5. Click "Apply to Project" on any project you want to submit a proposal to.

  6. Share, Share, Share!  Hey, not all these projects may be right for you, but we bet you know someone it WILL be right for.  Help each other, and share projects with our easy social media share links!  See below.

The "Network" of Open Opportunities

Vendors may also see a full listing of open opportunities across the entire OpenGov Procurement network, and it's all absolutely free.

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