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Vendor Selection of Category Codes
Vendor Selection of Category Codes
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This article discusses the process of vendor selection for category codes. Vendors can choose between NIGP, NAICS or UNSPSC codes and have various options to search and select relevant categories. They can use keyword search, view the full list of class codes, or drill down for more specific categories. Once vendors have made their final selections, they can save the chosen category codes.

The article also mentions the advantages and disadvantages of using category codes. For agencies, using category codes allows them to target specific vendors and limit solicitation notifications to relevant parties. On the other hand, vendors may prefer not to receive notifications for projects they are not interested in. If agencies choose not to use category codes, the solicitation will be sent to all vendors, but vendors can select their preferred notification settings based on whether they have selected commodity codes or not.

Overall, the article provides guidance on how vendors can select category codes and highlights the implications of using or not using these codes for both agencies and vendors.

Vendor will log into the system and under their profile, they will click Company Profile, then many choose to add Category Codes by clicking the Edit link.

The vendor will want to be sure they are in the Category Code tab. This is where they will be able to +add categories for either NIGP, NAICS or UNSPSC.

At this point Vendors have a few options:

  1. They can select if they would like to use NIGP, NAICS or UNSPSC codes. They have the ability to select codes from one and then select codes from the other.

  2. They may search categories by entering something in the Keyword Search.

  3. They may click the Show All Categories for the full list of Class Codes.

  4. They may opt to click the drill down to get more specific types of categories under the Class Codes.

If Vendors opt to drill down, they may +Add categories at this time or continue to drill down.

Once they have drilled down this is where they will make their final selections for category codes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Category Codes:


Specific vendors are targeted vs. Limits who get your solicitation notifications


Limits the notifications vs. receiving notifications for projects you are not interested in

If an Agency opts to not use category codes, then the solicitation will be sent to all vendors, but vendors have the option to select how they are notified:

Vendors have the option to determine how they would like to be notified. This can have an impact if they have or have not selected commodity codes.

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