Automated notifications are generated and emailed to suppliers who choose to "Follow" a project. These notifications are released to project followers when a substantive modification is made to the solicitation.

The image below explains the steps to receive solicitation updates:

  1. The supplier must have an account and be logged in.

  2. If the supplier tries to download the bid document, the system always brings up a display (shown below) that asks if the supplier would like to receive updates on the project.

  3. By clicking the "Follow Project" button, they are now signed up to receive updates.

The next steps, as illustrated below, are for them to

4. Let the system know if they plan on being a Prime, Sub, Plan Room, or designate as "none of the above":

5. The next prompt will give them access to download the bid:

Regardless of whether they choose to follow the project or not, OpenGov Procurement will allow them to download the bid documents, but not before asking the supplier if they wish to receive notifications.

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