Once you have created a response to a solicitation, you may find the need to edit your proposal. Regardless of the type of solicitation, whether it's an RFP, IFB, etc. you will need to withdraw your proposal in order to be able to edit.

Keep in mind that you can only withdraw your response prior to the bid event time. It is critical that you give yourself enough time to withdraw and edit your submittal before the time deadline.

Log into the agency's portal you are bidding for and select the project you want to edit.

Once you have selected the project the following window will appear:

At the very bottom of the page select the "Unsubmit Proposal" button so that you can withdraw your proposal and edit it as required. Make sure to make the necessary changes and save the changes and submit them BEFORE the bid event time.


If you decide you do not want to participate you can simply click the "Unsubmit Proposal" and you will no longer be in consideration,

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