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Getting Started with OpenGov Procurement Subscriptions is super easy! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete the account activation process

  2. Navigate to the "Network" Tab

  3. Browse Open Bids of interest to you or Search* based off Category Code

  4. Once you find a bid that interests you or an agency that you are trying to do business with, click on the project, then "[Agency Name] Portal" link:

  5. Click the big green "Subscribe" button

  6. Select the notification mode that best fits your needs (All bids notifications OR By Category Code)**

*Local Government agencies and School Districts can use only one set of Category Codes (NIGP, NAICS and UNSPSC). When searching for projects that relate to your business, we recommend you add the category codes for each of the 3 options to cover all OpenGov Procurement customers.

**You MUST set up Category Codes under your Company Profile in order for the option to be Notified When New Opportunity Matches Company Category Codes. (Click Here For Help Article: Vendor Selection of Category Codes)

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