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Vendor Guide to Contract Checklists
Vendor Guide to Contract Checklists

This help article explains the process of sending a Contract Onboarding Checklist to a vendor from OpenGov Procurement.

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When an OpenGov Procurement agency creates a contract record, they will have an option to send the vendor a Checklist. A Checklist will only be sent to the vendor listed as the point of contact and contain Contract Onboarding questions to be completed.

An email notification will be sent to the vendor listed on the contract record. The vendor can access the Checklist via the View Checklist button:

You can also access the Checklist by logging in and clicking the Checklist tab:

On the left side of the page, you can view Checklists In Progress, Completed, or View All. If a vendor has a company account with more than 1 active user, clicking All will show all Checklists including those that are assigned to other users.

From the main Checklist page, you are able to view information including the Start date and status of the Checklist (1), the progress of completed items (2), and who/when made the last update to the Checklist:

By clicking the title of the Checklist, you can view the contract record that has been started. If you click below, into the name of the Checklist, you can view the Checklist items:

After clicking into the Checklist, you will be brought to the Dashboard view. You can update the View to Responses to show your completed responses:

Updates to assigned active users (using the same company account) can be managed on the right side of the page by clicking into the name currently listed.

Status icons are provided for each item and can be found on the left side of the page. The icon will show Action on an item that has not been completed as well as display underneath the group responsible for completing (Agency and Vendor). There will be a clock icon shown underneath the group that is Awaiting Changes.

When a vendor submits an item, the assigned user and Checklist owner will be notified of the response. To begin submitting responses, please select the item you wish to complete, then click Save & Send to Agency:

When the option to send to the agency is selected, an Approval Status pop up will appear. Here you can leave an optional note to include with this item, Approve the submission, or Request Changes.

After the agency received the response, they can click into and view the response submitted, Approve the item or choose Changes Needed to send back to the vendor for revisions. This process can continue between the vendor and the agency until both parties approve the item.

If Changes are Needed, a new file can be added to the upload section (1) and the project can be saved for internal review or it can be Saved and Sent to the Vendor (2)

The status bar will update to show Complete once all items have been submitted and approved by the vendor. Once the agency Completes the Checklist, an email notification will be sent and no other changes can be made.

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