Executive Summary Report

This report is a compilation of the lifecycle of a procurement

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The Executive Summary Report can be found by navigating to the "Project Control Center" page, an example of which is shown below. The first step once you are there is to click on the "Reports" button, then select the "Executive Summary" Report.

When running this report for any Project, the following options are presented:

  • Page Options: Portrait / Landscape

  • Evaluation Options:

    • Anonymize Evaluator names

    • Show Totals as percentages

    • Evaluation Details or Summary

This Report is available in the following format:

  • Word Document

  • PDF Document

  • "Preview mode" - which opens the document in an Online Microsoft Word browser for a quick glance.

Given a specific Project (Solicitation), an Executive Summary Report is available that contains the following information (if the information exists):

  1. Solicitation Overview

  2. Solicitation Status History

  3. Selected Vendors

  4. Proposals Received

  5. Vendor Questionnaire Pass/Fail

  6. Bid Tabulations

  7. Questions and Answers

  8. Addenda and Notices (with Acknowledgements)

  9. Evaluation Details

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